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Our Deep Learning applications at the Advanced Factories

Indeep Vision's participation in the Advanced Factories congress has been a great success.

Indeep Vision, a company specialized in customized vision systems for quality control and digital solutions, has participated very successfully in Advanced Factories, one of the most important events in the robotics and artificial intelligence sector in Europe.

During the three-day congress, the company presented its solutions and its latest applications and technologies, creating great interest among visitors.

Among the solutions presented by Indeep Vision, we find defect detection and classification, as well as piece counting. Below, you will find the explanation and a video of each of them.

Classification of defects in nuts:

This Deep Learning-based application is used to detect and classify different types of nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, among others) in images, with the purpose of identifying cases of cross-contamination and accurately tracking the quality of each type of nut. Its application in the food industry contributes to ensuring product safety and quality, as well as improving efficiency in production and distribution processes.

Free-falling piece counting:

The application of piece counting using continuously captured images at 40 fps is an efficient solution to automate the counting of pieces advancing on a conveyor belt and falling by gravity into a receiving box. The utilization of advanced image processing techniques and Deep Learning ensures high accuracy in counting, thereby improving efficiency and productivity in industrial processes.

See you next year. Don't miss it!

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