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Indeep Vision, an engineering company dedicated to machine vision based on AI.


Our objetive

At Indeep Vision we design machine vision systems for the industry. We install our solutions in manufacturing companies and machine builders, with applications such as quality control,  localization and positioning, counting, metrology and 3D vision.

Our priority is to make vision systems reliable in the long term, so that our customers do not have to intervene or worry about vision.

This concern for reliability has led us to perfect our software and our methods, and as an engineering company we have managed to establish standards of excellence in the field of machine vision.

We are proud to offer innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in various industrial sectors.

The history

Indeep Vision was created in 2019 by two engineers with experience in the industrial automation sector, in La Vall d'en Bas, Girona.

The original objective of the company was the development of a software to integrate Artificial Intelligence, at that time little known, with industrial machine vision, and the installation of this software in turnkey projects in factories.

This software has grown at great speed, becoming our production software OneVision and the cloud platform for training Deep Learning models called VisionCloud.

Currently the main headquarters of the company is located in Riudellots de la Selva.


Our commitment

At Indeep Vision our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount.

We not only create technology, but also build strong relationships with our customers, providing ongoing support and personalized assistance from initial commercial advice to after-sales technical service.

We also remain dedicated to research and development to continue improving our technology.

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